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The CPIFAC (Centre Professionnel International de Formation aux Arts Céramiques) is a professional teaching center.
The essential axes of all the training from Velaine-en-Haye are the artistic creation and it's development on different fields applicated to ceramic. Linked with " Ateliers d'Art de France ", the " Mission métiers d'art " from Lorraine and supported by the Al Terre Native association and the Céline Laurent Ceramic company which has developped the center since 1999.
Title of " ceramist visual artist " professional certification level III. RNCP code NSF 224v. JO 22 08 2012 and JO19 07 2017.
It guarantees a real professional recognition and opens onto the international professional networks.

Opening of its art gallery and artists' communities : Demeterre.


   You can find news about the CPIFAC center on it's Facebook account :

[ Last update date the 21th of septembre 2017 ]

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